Keep Your Tires in Top-Notch Condition

Check tire rotation off your to-do list in Rock Island, IL or Davenport, IA

Nico's Tires offers tire rotation and balancing services at our shops in Davenport, Iowa and Rock Island, Illinois. Over time, the tread on your tires will wear down. Rotating them will keep the wear even and extend the life of your tires. Our mechanics recommend that you rotate your tires every 6,000 miles to keep them from wearing unevenly.

We can rotate your tires right away-just drive on in.

Is it time to balance your tires?

Is it time to balance your tires?

Nico's Tires provides tire balancing services in Rock Island, IL and Davenport, IA. Our tire specialists can balance tires on all kinds of vehicles, no matter how big your tires are.

Balancing your tires will:

  • Help your vehicle drive smoother
  • Reduce the wear on your tires
  • Preserve your vehicle's suspension
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